About Facebook Facebook probably doesn’t need much of an introduction – launched in 2004, the social network now is the largest social media platform with more than 1.7 billion monthly active users worldwide. The company today is more than just a social network – Facebook acquired messaging app WhatsApp and started its own successful messenger. They also bought photo-sharing platform Instagram and the virtual reality company Oculus VR. 
Since most Facebook users log into the site every day and engage with other users, brands and content, the platform knows a lot about their users. For advertisers Facebook is one of the most attractive online channels, because it lets them utilize their rich user data to target very specific audiences. And since most companies and brands are already present on Facebook, ads are a great way to build a following and boost engagement for the content they share.

What Facebook ads look like Here you have four different choices – you can create an ad that features a single image, a single video, or multiple images that are displayed either in a carousel format or as a slideshow.

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